OH! Spa Massages

OH! Spa Massages

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Welcome to OH! Spa at The Preserve, your haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in our luxurious massages and discover the ultimate escape in Rhode Island. Our professional experts are committed to delivering personalized treatments that cater to your specific needs, ensuring an absolutely blissful experience.

At OH! Spa, we offer a variety of massage options meticulously crafted to dissolve your stress and invigorate your senses. In addition to our individual massages, we also provide a delightful Pairs Massage, ideal for rekindling connections with your loved one. Retreat to our spa suite and select either a custom massage or facial to unwind and bond together. At OH! Spa at The Preserve, our mission is to create the ultimate oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation through our exceptional massage services.

The Preserve Custom Massage

From a light to firm pressure, our skilled therapists will use a mix of modalities to personalize an ideal full body massage to meet all your needs.

60/90 minutes | $200 / $300

Double Barrel Massage

Exceptional choice after a strenuous day of activities. Your therapist will apply a cooling lidocaine gel to three targeted areas. We will then use cold packs and cold stones to help alleviate muscle swelling and bruising. A full body deep tissue massage follows leaving you ready to attack another day.

90 minutes | $320

Pairs Massage

Escape to our spa suite and select a custom massage or facial to relax and re-connect with that special someone.

60/90 minutes | $430 / $ 630

Boulder Hills Massage

Relax and unwind under strategically placed hot stones to help relieve your tightened muscles. A full body massage follows using hands and warm stones to soothe and ease your muscle tension. (90 minutes only)

90 minutes | $320

Mother-to-Be Massage

Enjoy the comfort of our specialized pillow support system for a relaxing and nurturing massage for you and your baby. Experience soothing techniques to relieve muscle tension, focusing on easing lower back pain associated with pregnancy. (This treatment is offered to those in their second and third trimesters only)

60/90 minutes | $200 / $300

Massage Treatment Enhancements

Choice of up to 2 for a 60 minute or 3 for a 90 minute service
CBD Balm choice of 2 areas$50+
Collagen Hand Mask$35+
Collagen Foot Mask$35+
Full Face Mask$45+
Décolleté Mask$40+
Neck Mask$40+
Eye Mask$35+
Lip Mask$35+
Deep Tissue$40+
Weighted Blanket$35+

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