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Welcome to OH! Spa at The Preserve, Rhode Island, where luxurious spa experiences, tranquility, and rejuvenation await you. Nestled in the serene surroundings of The Preserve, our spa offers a sanctuary of blissful treatments that will transport you to a state of pure relaxation.

Preserve Tree House Experience

We invite you to come enjoy an experience in the treetops that is like no other. This unique service begins with a warming Therma herbal Poultice, used to exfoliate, and detoxify. A 90-minute massage will follow using a specially infused body butter. A hand, foot, and face mask will also be included to enhance your relaxation. Our therapists will then instruct you with stretches to keep you limber and ready for another adventure. A special culinary menu is then offered to enjoy in our peaceful forest. (Seasonal offering)


4 hours

$ 1400


Forest Grounding Ritual Experience

Transport yourself into the sensorial healing experience of a lush forest. You will begin this experience with a whirlpool bath enhanced by our own forest bath oil blend.  Next you will enjoy a warm sugar body scrub to exfoliate the skin. We then suggest alternating between your own private cedar wood sauna and steam shower to help promote circulation. Heated body butter and a weighted blanket will then be applied to allow the butter to melt into the skin. Your therapists will then begin a head and neck massage followed by a full body custom massage to complete this amazing ritual. You will leave feeling luxuriously peaceful in body and spirit


3 hours

$ 500

Ride and Relax Experience

This 60-minute massage focuses on the lower back and legs to help ease muscles after a day of horseback riding. This package also includes a foot scrub and foot paraffin for those dry, calloused feet. (For Equestrian booking, please call 401-539-4653, 72 hours advance notice is required)


60 minutes

$ 265

Reiki Experience

Balance mind, body and spirit with a Reiki Massage that promotes self-healing with focus on personal intuition. This service provides relaxation through gentle body work, crystal placement and acupressure. Originating in Japan, Reiki is a healing modality that is complementary to several different medicinal and therapeutic techniques. It is an acceptance of positive energy that will help reduce stress by giving you the center needed to hit your target.


60/90 minutes

$215 / $315

Lost Range CBD Experience

Maximize your relaxation starting with a CBD infused bath salt whirlpool tub. A hemp foot scrub and paraffin will help soothe those tired feet and a highly concentrated CBD balm will be applied to anoint troubled areas. A CBD oil is then applied for a full body massage experience.


2 hours

$ 400


The Preserve Club & Residences

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